MTNApproach Announces Pro Team

We are proud to announce our first team of Professional Snowboarders.  This group of 11 riders represents the wide diversity of uses that the MTNAPPROACH System is designed for, accessing backcountry jumps, long distance touring, 55 degree couloirs, or just some side country at your local resort.

“We’re stoked to have these riders on our team to help us evolve this system into the most useful tool available for backcountry snowboarding.” said Cory Smith, Founder of MTNAPPROACH.  Partner and Ops. Director Kaiser said, “It’s rad to put some young guns known for jibbing in the same yurt as an Olympic halfpipe medalist, some staple backcountry shreds, PLUS, some all-time snowboard legends.  They are all stoked on the backcountry experience and loving the product.”   Brian Iguchi summed it up best, “I’m stoked to go bag some couloirs that I’ve been looking at for years.  I wouldn’t take a split up there, but this is perfect, now I can ride ‘em on my snowboard.”

MTNAPPROACH Snowboard Team:

Wyatt Caldwell

Mark Carter

Laura Hadar

Bryan Iguchi

Scotty Lago

Desiree Melancon

Chad Otterstrom

Shayne Pospisil

Neil Provo

Austin Smith

Austen Sweetin

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