MTNApproach: 10 Tips for Proper Yurting

If you spend enough time touring and snowboarding in the backcountry, you’ll probably stay in a Yurt at some point.  Some people more than others.  Here are some tips:

1.  CONTESTS & GAMES. Come prepared, bring games, scrabble, cards, truth & dare.. or at least bring whiskey.  Lots of whisky.

2.  YURT BOOTIES.  Invest in a pair of your own yurt booties.  Your feet WILL get cold, and let’s face it, the loner pair is just nasty.

3.  DO THIS.  Do Lots of this.

Nothing is worse that coming back from a long day of touring and having dirty dishes.  Good yurtmeisters do the dishes after breakfast; the best yurtmeisters talk someone else into doing the dishes.

5.  DISPOSE OF PESTS.  You probably have some sort of animal rights, hippie point of view if your staying in a yurt, but this is an exception.  When a rodent wreaks havoc inside the yurt, a proper yurtmeister whittles a stick and stabs the rodent.  End of problem.

6.  DRINKING WATER.  Don’t let anyone pee in the area you gather snow to boil and drink.. or worse.

7.  WHATEVER HAPPENS IN THE SAUNA STAYS IN THE SAUNA.  This is pretty self explanatory.

8.  MONITOR THE FIRE.  Wake up at 2, 4, and 7 to put wood on the fire.   This is important because NO one else will do it.

9.  GO ON A FULL MOON.  Remember things ALWAYS get funky on a full moon.  Plan accordingly and bring supplies.

10.  BRING A SLEEPING BAG.  This should be pretty obvious.

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