MTNApproach Featured on Bless This Stuff

MTNApproach Deep Winter Kit is featured on Bless This Stuff.. check it out here!

If you snowboard, you´ll know about the difficulties when cross-country  skiing, moving uphill is a major challenge. Sure you can strap on  snowshoes or ride an awkward splitboard, but these are yet to match  the feel and ride of traditional boards. Meet MTNApproach, a system that alleviates this headache, it consists of two foldable  skis that easily stow in a specifically designed pack. The skis feature a unique binding designed to fit snowboard boots, and feature permanently affixed climbing skins and cross country-inspired bindings, efficiently reducing fatigue whilst cross-country touring. The MTN Approach system  backpack allows the rider to easily carry a board and comes with the  bare essentials for backcountry travel, probe, shovel, touring poles and skis. watch the video




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