MTNApproach System Reviewed in Gear Institute

The MTNapproach System was recently reviewed in Gear Institute:

Snowboarders exhausted from hoofing it in the backcountry, envious of skiers who can skin faster than they can walk, can now considering embracing the efficient convenience of skinning up that endless slope. The MNT Approach System ($799) gives you two folding skis with permanent skins underneith and an integral backpack to carry the skis and the rest of your backcountry gear—all at a modest 12 pounds. Unfolded, the skis extend 138 cms, with a 140/110/130 tip/waist/tail configuration, and a Paulownia wood core and full-wrap steel edges. The two locking hinges on each ski are made of durable fiberglass-filled nylon with an aluminum cap. Unfold ‘em and strap into the aluminum-and-poly bindings to easily skin up (a 70mm heel elevator can fold up to aid in the ascent), and then collapse the skis when you’re ready to ride down. When folded the skis measure a modest 21 inches, and slip into a sleeve in the customized backpack, which is also configured with a hydration pouch, extra storage for your other backcountry gear, and straps to carry your snowboard while climbing. The system originates from a boutique backcountry company based in Sun Valley, Idaho, where the models were prototyped and tested by a hearty roster of serious snowboarders…so they should be ready for your own personal exploits. We dig the all-wood design, but their exclusive graphic from professional Jackson Hole snowboarder Bryan Iguchi (pictured below) is also pretty sweet.
—Nathan Borchelt

Check it out here: Gear Institute


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