Powder for Powder with Wyatt and Yancy Caldwell – MTNApproach Team

Watch as Wyatt and Yancy Caldwell embark on a self-documented road trip from Sun Valley, ID north to Canada and Alaska. This is EPIC. Episode 1 Powder for Powder.

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MTNApproach System- A Snowshoe Alternative for Hunters


We created the MTNApproach system primarily as an alternative to splitboarding for backcountry snowboarders. However, our 3-piece foldable approach skis with permanent nylon climbing skins and full metal wrapped edges are a great solution for anyone trying to get into the backcountry: hunters, ice climbers, ice fishermen, and really anyone that would use snowshoes. Here are some photos from the boys at First Lite with our MTNApproach System to aid in a hunting mission.





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MTNApproach SIA SnowShow 2014

SIA 2014 was successful:  Our booth was packed, we watched @bryaniguchi win the #Legend Award at theTransWorld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards and we came home to a foot of snow.

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MTNApproac​h / Asymbol COLAB Press Release – Adam Haynes System






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2014 Baldy Banked Slalom Recap

After 2 years putting on a Banked Slalom Event here in Sun Valley, we wanted to get serious.  We started the planning months earlier than ever before, recruited sponsors, and started promoting the race long enough in advance to generate a good showing from some out-of-towners.

The online registration showed people coming from Glacier, Bellingham, Bend, Govy, Park City, Boise, Salt Lake City, Bozeman, Laramie, and several towns in Colorado.  We are stoked to have built a course and an event that people will travel to come have fun!

In total, 12 cat hours,10 hours of hand shaping, 100 racers, 34 turns, 10 gallons of hot soup, 500 beers from Good Life Brewery in Bend, and 4 bibs to Baker.  It was a pretty solid weekend, thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!

SMITH Optics, DAKINE, MTNApproach, Boardbin, Volcom, TREW Gear, Never Summer Snowboards, The Waxroom, Press Print House, Bigwood Bread, POW Gloves, Good Life Brewing, Isotope Metal Lab, Apples, The Cellar, Perrys and of course Sun Valley and all of the volunteers.






































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Ckech out the MTNApproach Deep Winter Kit at the Northwest Preview in Portland

Our Northwest Sales rep Dustin Anderson will be at the Northwest Preview in Portland this week with the MTNApproach Deep Winter Kit.  If you’re attending, make sure to stop and see what it’s all about.






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The MTNApproach System is Method Magazine’s Product of the Week

Don’t miss Method Mag‘s Product of the Week: The MTNApproach System:

Have you reached that point in boarding where you can’t be contained by the trail anymore? Powder under the chair is too chewed up to get excited about? You’ve tried trekking out into the backlands with just your boots using your board to help you from drowning in the pow but you instead you end up burning about 10,000 calories to get a mere 100 meters and the only result is just a lot of sweat. Let’s face it, we all want to ride perfect pow away from the crowds and snowshoes suck. 

There is always the option of chopping your board right down the middle and making a split board but thats sounds risky if you only have got one board. And let’s be honest, your board will never really ride the same again if it’s sliced in half. So are you ready to hear about the MTNApproach System?  This is a 3-peice foldable ski system with skins permantely affixed to the base of the skis, with a customized lightweight bag that holds them real snug. They get you up the hill super quick (no problems traversing) then you fold them away in your bag and go Ted Turner on that fresh run with your still intact snowboard.

This setup has been test and approved by the best boarders and we are fully backing it. Don’t just take our word, they have some heavy backcountry hitters on the team including Austin Smith, Bjorn Leines, Bryan Iguchi, Mark Carter, Scotty Lago, Laura Hadar and Xavier De Le Rue.

It’s the perfect kit for a powder junkie. You get off the trail, away from the crowds, you save yourself from chopping your board in half and you get unlimited turbo turns in untouched angel poop, all for you!

Read the Feature in Entirety Here:  http://www.methodmag.com/content/mtnapproach-system


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MTNApproach Deep Winter Kit featured in SVPN Holiday Gear Guide

MTNApproach Deep Winter Kit featured in Sun Valley Property News Holiday Gear Guide.  #wemakeskisforsnowboarders  Find the Deep Winter Kit here.



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Sun Valley is Holding the 3rd Annual Baldy Banked Slalom & Giving Away 4 Spots to The Legendary Baker Banked Slalom

“The road to Baker is paved in dreams.”   Sun Valley, ID is holding the 3rd Annual Baldy Banked Slalom on January 11th, 2014 on Bald Mountain.  Snowboarders Only.  Don’t miss the chance to win one of 4 highly coveted spots for the Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom.   Registration the morning of the 11th.  More details to come.  BE THERE.

For more information, click HERE.

Sponsored by: Smith Optics, MTNApproach, Board Bin, POW, Dakine, Press Print House and Sun Valley. 













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Austin Smith Fastest at Splitboard Race with MTNApproach System

Had a successful weekend at the Dirksen Derby.  Austin Smith Drink Water won the splitboard division and was DQ’d for using MTNApproach.  As they say, “You can’t bring a gun to a knife fight.”




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